Donate now to Help Save the Bees!

Even a $5 donation can help make a difference to help save the bees.

Our goal is to continue building a healthy environment that promotes natural food for the bees with a variety of flowers, fruit trees, and watering stations to help in their survival.

Most people understand that bees are crucial to our survival due to the role they play in pollination and food production – not to mention the amazing honey they make!

It is alarming that the bee population continues to decline and that more people are not proactively making an effort to help our winged friends out.

Donate today to do your part to help save the bees!

All donations will go toward developing and maintaining a healthy environment for the bees.


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Other Ways to Help

Other important ways you can help in your day-to-day lives are simple.

You can plant flowers and flowering trees to feed the bees.

Bees love dandelions because they bloom so early in the spring; I know you may not want them in your lawn, but the bees get some of their first food off these flowers in the Spring.

A good mixture of different flowers that bloom all the way from Spring to Fall help keep the bees fed for the year.

Don’t spray pesticides – if it kills other bugs, chances are it will kill any bees in the area as well!

Put out watering stations for the bees; you can simply add some rocks to a shallow dish with water to give the bees a spot to stand while they drink the water.

And of course, if you spot a swarm like the photo above – report it to a local bee keeper so they can come collect them and take them to a safe place to build their new home.

What are you doing to help the bees?

Drop a comment below to let us know how you are helping!

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